Bitnation Founder Tarkowski Admits Profit Motive

Regular readers of Cryptoswede know that we have been following a story involving Bitnation and its XPAT cryptocurrency. As we have reported, Bitnation founder Susanne Tarkowski Templehof and her cryptocurrency project have been mired in controversy dating back to 2014. New allegations have surfaced that link Bitnation to Worldcore, a cryptocurrency exchange and payment processor with its own troubled past. Additionally, Tarkowski stated in a recent Telegram post that the current motivation for her project was profit.

XPAT Gains Listing on Worldcore Exchange

Since its ICO in 2018, Bitnation has struggled to find firm footing for its XPAT token. Repeated efforts to have the token listed on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges have failed. In mid-January Susanne Tarkowski Templehof announced on the Bitnation Telegram channel that XPAT would begin trading on the Worldcore exchange.

Worldcore was formerly known as Swifthub. The payment service rebranded itself to Worldcore in 2015. Cryptoswede received information that Worldcore executives were also rebranding themselves with new online identities. We were able to verify this information in a post from the forum about Worldcore.

According to the information provided, an individual claiming to be Alexey Solonsky identifies himself as the head of digital marketing at Worldcore on LinkedIn. The name he uses for his LinkedIn profile is Alex Sol. This is not especially concerning as it would reflect a normal Americanization of the name which is often done by many people. However, the same person called himself Richard Bracke while working in marketing for Swifthub.

These revelations pose a number of red flags and also questions about the legitimacy of the Worldcore cryptocurrency exchange. They are also of concern in the ongoing discussion of Bitnation and Susanne Tarkowski Templehof. The affiliation with Worldcore is yet another black mark on this troubled cryptocurrency project.

Tarkowski Admits Her Bitnation Motive is Profit

Tarkowski says that the concept behind the Bitnation project is to create decentralized borderless virtual nations. Individuals can use XPAT tokens to set up their own nations in the project’s Pangea app. A recent Telegram post, however, reveals that Tarkowski has a more mundane motive: profit.

In a post addressing the current development situation with Bitnation, Tarkowski lamented the lack of funds for development. She stated outright that the project was seeking to make a profit from the sale of XPAT, presumably so that development can continue.

Many individuals are concerned that Tarkowski and others in the project are profiting directly from investor funds and that development is at a standstill. This seems to be verified by the departure of key personnel in the project such as Johan Nygren who departed Bitnation after a disagreement with Tarkowski. Susanne claims that Johan was never a member of the development team and abused her hospitality.

If profit is the sole motive behind the development of Bitnation, investors should be wary of purchasing the XPAT token. It remains to be seen if the token will ever be accepted on major cryptocurrency exchanges.   


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