Bitsa Debit Card Review

The Bitsa app is among the latest to offer an easier way to spend and manage Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Some of those who use the app have the option of ordering a Bitsa prepaid crypto debit card. This card allows individuals to make purchases at online and offline retailers, and it also allows for fiat withdrawals at an ATM machine.


Some crypto debit cards seem to good to be true. We have taken the time to prepare a review of the Bitsa crypto debit card. We’ll look at the company, fees, customer service, and other factors which can influence your decision.

About Bitsa -

One issue that we encountered immediately when we began our review was obtaining reliable information on the debit card. This can often be an indicator of trouble. In the case of Bitsa this lack of transparency may be that the card is too young to have a strong Internet presence.

The company behind the Bitsa crypto debit card is Bitnovo. Bitnovo was founded in 2015 and is based in Valencia, Spain. The stated mission of the company is to facilitate access to the world of cryptocurrency. By introducing the Bitsa card, Bitnovo is trying to make it easier for people to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Like many other companies today, Bitnovo is trying to accomplish its aims through an app. The Bitsa app is the gateway to the card and other services offered by Bitnovo.

Services Offered by Bitsa -

The official services offered by Bitnovo and Bitsa were introduced in 2019. So far, those services have been restricted to a European market. Bitnovo describes itself as a platform that allows individuals to trade over 20 different cryptocurrencies. The Bitsa app is what allows this trading, and also provides access to the Bitsa crypto debit card.

The Bitsa debit card is a VISA-branded debit card that works just like a card issued by a bank. Those who hold the card are able to load it by using cryptocurrencies. Once loaded, the card can be used at a retailer, an online storefront, or an ATM.

bitsa card

Those who hold the card can make payments to any SEPA financial institution. It is also possible to load the card with bank transfers, vouchers, or gift cards that can be purchased online. A bank account is not required to use the app or receive the Bitsa card. However, it can be useful to link a card to the account for easy loading from your financial institution.

Both a virtual card and a physical Bitsa card are available. Both can be ordered from the app.

Requirements to Open a Bitsa Account

Anyone can download the Bitsa app, but using the features is restricted to European citizens. Before a card can be ordered the user must provide an email address, phone number, and create a password.

The identity requirements are actually less than some other Bitcoin debit card offerings. We think that this is probably why the card is restricted to Europe at the present time. Other jurisdictions may be requiring that Bitsa obtain more information.

Getting and Using a Bitnovo Debit Card

Once you have the app downloaded and the requirements met, getting the card is just a matter of paying the €19.50 and telling Bitsa where to send your card. We have been unable to pin down the length of time it takes the card to arrive.

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Based on where you are located, the Bitsa card can arrive in a little as 7-10 business days. There have been occasional reports of the card taking more than a month to arrive. We always express some concern when crypto debit card deliveries are delayed. In this case, we will give Bitsa the benefit of the doubt.

Once the Bitsa cryptocurrency debit card has arrived, you will need to activate it within the app. You can then load the card with a number of different methods. After your card has been activated, it is ready to use at retailers or ATMs within the SEPA region.

Bitsa / Bitnovo Fees and Limits

As we stated above there is a one time fee of €19.50 to order the card. Bitsa prides itself on no monthly maintenance fee, and there is also no fee for topping up the card with cryptocurrency. There are fees for topping up with other methods. You should check the Bitsa app for the latest details.

There is a limit of €1,500 daily withdrawals from an ATM. Also, purchases that are made outside of the Eurozone are charged a 1.5% fee.

Bitnovo Service and Support

Customer support for the Bitsa crypto debit card can be spotty. Users are encouraged to use the knowledge base in the app for answers to most problems. It is also possible to contact the support team by submitting a ticket.

The average response time that we encountered was 24-48 hours. That is a little slow compared to some other providers. It would be benefit the company to invest more in their customer service department.

Bitnovo Verdict

Our unbiased opinion is one of optimism when it comes to the Bitsa crypto debit card. Yes, there are some drawbacks. We think that the company is still to young to get a complete picture regarding the effectiveness of its platform. Until more information is available, proceed with your own due diligence.

The limitation to Europe will be disappointing to some, but in fairness Bitsa should get a pass here. Some jurisdictions have simply made it nigh impossible for companies to offer a VISA-branded crypto debit card. We think it is a good option for those who can qualify to get it.

Bitsa Pros

  • Supports 20 crypto tokens
  • Limited fees
  • Multiple reloading options, including vouchers

Bitsa Cons

  • Only available in Europe
  • Customer service can be slow
  • Card delivery times to some areas are slow