Raxcard Debit Card Review

The sad reality is that there are some scams in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency debit cards. We’re not going to call Raxcard one of these outright, but there are multiple red flags which indicate this may be a poor choice if you are looking for a Bitcoin debit card. Cryptocurrencies can be easy for individuals to steal if they have access to a user’s wallet or other information. Individuals should proceed with caution before ordering the Raxcard debit card.

About Raxcard - Raxcard.com

The trouble with Raxcard begins with its date of registration. It was created in 2013. If you check the company website, however, they claim to have been in business since 2008. This is curious because it would mean that the company was issuing Bitcoin debit cards when there was no Bitcoin. Perhaps they know something that the rest of us do not.

The next problem is the matter of an address for the company. Reputable companies tend to have a physical office that can be verified. Many of these offices can even be visited by customers. Raxcard claims to be located in Forkland, but the address they provide is strange according to Google Maps. It is apparently located in the middle of a vast forest. Unless the company is operated by a tribe of elves, this is unlikely. The far more reasonable scenario is that Raxcard does not actually have an office anywhere.

A third concern is the absence of any social media accounts. Virtually all of the debit card companies we have reviewed have multiple social media accounts. They can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram among others. If you visit the Raxcard site, you will see social media icons at the top of each page. When you click on these icons they lead to nowhere. Pretty much any legitimate business today uses social media to promote itself.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Raxcard is heavy on promoting anonymity for card users. This is another red flag. Legitimate companies much prefer users to verify their identity before issuing a card. Some of the companies will provide a card anonymously, but this usually comes with a heavy price in the form of limits. Anonymous cards also tend to have a lifetime limit that, when reached, renders the card unusable until verification is complete.

Services offered by Raxcard

Those who want a lot of features with their Bitcoin debit card will be excited by Raxcard. It is easy to promise users the Moon if you have no intention of delivering on the promise. According to the company, their debit card can be used like a regular debit card for fiat currencies. It can be used to purchase goods and services from physical retailers or online shops, and it can be used to withdraw money from ATM machines.

The company sells its card on the basis that it is backed by Bitcoin. This, they say, makes it a great choice for individuals who use cryptocurrency on a daily basis. This could be great for individuals who are paid in Bitcoin. Many freelancers and other individuals are becoming more willing to accept Bitcoin because they can do business all around the globe. Bitcoin and other digital coins are decentralized which makes them usable across geographical borders.

A user must have their Bitcoin wallet or other altcoin wallet linked directly to the debit card. Therefore, any payments received by the user are instantly available for use on the debit card. Or, available for thieves to siphon off. Neither scenario requires a third party because thieves typically hate third party involvement.

The company claims its debit cards are safe and secure. They also claim the cards are easy to use. The second part is probably true. As stated above, no one needs to provide identity or an address to receive a Raxcard. Just tell them that you live in the Magical Forest where their office is located and you will be welcomed. The plastic cards do not even have a user’s name on them. Instead, they say Raxcard Company. This is appropriate because that’s who might end up getting your money.

There are actually three types of cards issued by Raxcard. The first is the standard Bitcoin debit card. The second is the Perfect Money card. The third is the Webmoney Debit Card. Each card has the same fee structure as the others. The details for each card are the same. We are unsure what the difference is between them or the purpose. Maybe it is an effort to look legit.

No upgrades are possible like there are from companies that offer both anonymous and verified cards. One thing that we find curious is that the company’s cards are issued under the Mastercard brand. Either the company is indeed legit, or they are using the Mastercard logo without permission. Mastercard would not align itself with any company they believed to be a scam.

All that is required to obtain a Raxcard Bitcoin debit card is a willingness to complete a short registration form. It only takes a minute to sign up and the company promises to ship out a card within 24 hours. This could be possible since the cards do not require the name of the user to be imprinted. There is a tracking number provided for shipments, so that is positive. The delivery time for the cards is estimated at 2 to 4 business days to anywhere in the world. Apparently, the forest has good mail service.

When the card is received, the account set up, and the Bitcoin wallet linked, the card can be used to verify PayPal or Payza accounts. Things begin to make sense when you understand this. Some users may be looking for an affordable way to get their payment processor accounts verified.

Loading a Raxcard Bitcoin Debit Card

As you might imagine, the main way of loading the Raxcard debit card is by connecting your Bitcoin wallet. Once the wallet is connected, all Bitcoin received can be accessed with the debit card. There doesn’t seem to be an option at the moment for loading with a bank account. Given the negative information about the company, this is actually comforting.

Raxcard Fees and Limits

To obtain this card, you will be required to pay a fee of $50 USD. Included in this cost is FedEx shipping in the United States. DHL is used to ship the card to international destinations. It is nice that the company includes the cost of expedited shipping. Most other companies charge for this service. The company will also provide a special price for those who want to order more than one Bitcoin debit card. There is no charge to activate the card.

Raxcard does not charge a monthly maintenance fee to card holders. This is also unique. Most other cards have to charge a nominal amount to offset their operating costs. When you think about it, fees are how these companies make money. The fact that Raxcard doesn’t charge one could also be another red flag.

Users are limited to a maximum of $1,000 in USD per day in withdrawals. There is also a limit of $10,000 USD per day for loading the card. No more than $20,000 USD can be loaded in a single month. There are apparently no limits imposed on online purchases.

Using the card to make ATM withdrawals is also cheaper than it is with some other companies. The fee is the same for domestic and international withdrawals. It costs just $1.00 USD. Those who check their balance at an ATM machine will also be charged $0.50 USD each time they make a balance inquiry.

No fees are incurred for using the card online. A curious thing is that the company does not charge an exchange fee for international purchases. Instead, they only charge a fixed rate of $1.00 USD. We have a hard time understanding this because the rate of currency fluctuates on a minute-by-minute basis. 

Raxcard Service and Support

Raxcard does not have any social media channels where users can contact them. They also do not really provide any other means of reaching support. We were unable to even locate a working email address. This alone would be enough for Raxcard to get a low rating on our scale. Reputable companies always provide contact for support, and most of them also offer live chat. It just doesn’t add up that this company would not offer that. There is a contact form, but our experience was that no response was provided.

The website stresses he benefits of using an anonymous card. Unfortunately, they do this with a video that begins playing as soon as each page is loaded. This will turn off some users. There is also a part of the website that is designed to show news about the company. There is no news to be provided. What is there looks like a poor attempt to incorporate keywords for SEO purposes. Another derogatory mark.

There are some testimonials on the website, but these appear to be phony. We had to ask ourselves the question, why are people who order an anonymous debit card willing to reveal themselves on video. It makes no sense. The English used on the site is very poor. It is not the standard that a professional company would hold themselves to. It also makes the site’s pages very hard to read.

Our View of Raxcard

We are really trying to be fair in our review. That is difficult given the overwhelming amount of negative information. But, we’ll start with a the positives we can state and let our readers make their own decision.

Anonymity and cryptocurrency go hand-in-hand. There are some benefits to having an anonymous card. This card has the potential to serve those who want an anonymous Bitcoin debit card. Some individuals just do not want their personal data revealed, and that is fine in this day and age. Bitcoin was created after all to afford some measure of privacy.

The fees associated with the card are very low. If the company is indeed legitimate, low fees are a big plus. There are examples like not charging for a PIN number that give this card some appeal. It’s one of the cheapest Bitcoin debit cards you can get. This will appeal to a large number of individuals. We just hope those people will not take advantage of the offer without doing their research.

Doing research will be hard because the company does not provide adequate contact information. Online companies that do not provide a method of contact are usually not reputable businesses. Finally, the website itself looks like a scam. This could be because the company owners just don’t have the skills to build a professional website. But we have to ask, why not hire website developers to do the job? That seems like it would make more sense, and it would surely impress more customers.


We can only advise the reader to be cautious and do business with this company after careful consideration. We award Raxcard 2 out of 5 stars on our cryptocurrency debit card scale.

Raxcard Pros

No monthly or annual maintenance fee
Flat rate for international currency exchange
Complete anonymity with no verified option

Raxcard Cons

Restrictive limits for spending and loading
No response from customer support
No company information
No information provided on company owners
The website is poorly built and has glaring English errors