Crypterium Debit Card Review

You may have heard about the Crypterium VISA crypto debit card. This card is advertised as a solution for individuals who want to have easy access to their Bitcoin and other digital tokens. Crypterium promises to provide such a card, but many reviews online present valid concerns.

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Before you decide to obtain the Crypterium VISA crypto debit card, we recommend that you read our review in full. We will try to give information that can help you make a decision. Our Crypterium review is unbiased. We’ve considered the company’s good and bad points.

About Crypterium -

Crypterium is actually a multi-purpose cryptocurrency app that offers multiple services. It follows the example of other companies like BitPay. Crypterium bills itself as the world’s leading crypto bank. The stated mission of the company is to provide financial services which allow individuals easy access to cryptocurrency for spending.

With its cryptocurrency wallet and VISA branded debit card, Crypterium claims that it is trying to bridge the divide between traditional and cryptocurrency-based finance. These types of initiatives can be very helpful, especially to those who are new to crypto. Crypterium targets crypto beginners as well as experienced investors who want more access and control to their digital assets.

A VISA Branded Crypto Debit Card

Our focus in this review is the Crypterium VISA debit card. We should mention that Crypterium has more services that just the card. The app provided by the company strives to solve many problems the crypto user could face.

The Crypterium app serves as a mobile crypto wallet that you can manage on your phone or tablet. You should know that this is a hosted wallet. That means Crypterium has the responsibility for storing your private key. Some crypto owners and investors prefer to handle that themselves.

Crypterium card

You can transfer funds to a linked bank account. You can also move money across borders with much lower fees. Crypterium will even allow you to earn interest on your crypto holdings. All of these features are designed to make Crypterium a traditional banking alternative. True enough, there are people who do not have access to traditional banks. It can also be expensive for freelancers who work in various countries to get paid. This app solves those problems.

Users can buy vouchers for popular services like Skype, and they can also top up their mobile phone with the Crypterium app. This is a nice benefit for those who do a lot of traveling and require cell service be maintained. Also, many expats and others use Skype when making calls from foreign countries because it is cheaper to do so.

Finally, the app allows individuals to obtain the Crypterium VISA crypto debit card. This is a pre-paid debit card that works just like any other debit card. You can use it at ATM machines to withdraw funds, or you can use it to buy things online or at physical retailers. When you make a purchase or a withdrawal, crypto holdings are exchanged for fiat to complete the transaction.

As an example, we’ll say that you have $1,000 worth of Bitcoin in your Crypterium account. With a Crypterium debit card you can access that Bitcoin for spending or withdrawals. Your card will work anywhere that VISA is accepted.

Getting & Loading a Crypterium Debit Card

Once you have verified your identity, you can then proceed to order the Crypterium VISA debit card from the app. There is no charge for the card according to the official website. There is a charge for shipping the card. This €14.99 fee is refunded by the company if you hold 300 CRPT for one year. CRPT is the crypto token associated with Crypterium.

Once you have the card you can use the app to add crypto to your wallet. You can then use the crypto in your wallet to top up the card. Crypterium promises to make the process easy, and they even claim to provide users with cash back for using the card.

Crypterium Fees and Limits

Here is where things begin to get a little concerning with Crypterium. As we stated above, there is no fee for the card. There is only a delivery cost which can be recouped if the users buys and holds 300 CRPT, the native token of the Crypterium ecosystem.

The ICO for the token was problematic. Many individuals have lodged complaints that they did not receive the tokens promised. When we wrote this review the matter was still under some dispute. We can only advise to proceed with caution where the company’s token is concerned.

Crypterium fees

There is a monthly maintenance fee of €2.99, but this is returned to the user in any month in which they load €299 or more. Beyond that, the company states that there are no hidden fees.

The limits for the card are €10,000 per month for online and offline shopping, and €2,500 per month for ATM withdrawals. Crypterium also claims that the card can be linked to Apple Pay for online purchases.

Crypterium Service and Support

The best way to contact Crypterium is to email [email protected]. The company also maintains a Telegram channel, and is also active on social media platforms.

We found that email support requests were handled in a reasonable amount of time, usually within 24 hours.

Our View of Crypterium

We think that there are many positives about the Crypterium VISA crypto card. These begin with the card being available in a large number of countries around the world. This includes the US. Many crypto debit cards are restricted to just a few countries.

We also like that the fees for the Crypterium card are basically nothing. You can recoup the shipping cost and the monthly fee by adhering to some easy stipulations. The limits on the card are generous. On the surface everything looks great.

Our biggest concern about the company is the ICO that seems to have failed. There is not enough information at this time to make a firm judgment. You are advised to do your own research of Crypterium, its ICO and its business practices.

Crypterium Pros

No fees for ordering the card
Low monthly fee which can be waived
Available in the US and many other countries

Crypterium Cons

Complaints about the company’s ICO
Limited customer service options

As of December 2020 Crypterium is working like a charm.