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LiveTrader is one of the newer cryptocurrency trading bots on the market. It was developed by veteran traders and software developers to give traders a competitive edge in the crypto markets. The bot uses real-time data that analyzes the market to search for profitable trades. Fully automated, this bot allows traders to access markets 24/7. It will trade autonomously or allow the trader to set up alerts so that they can oversee and execute their own trades when criteria is met.

About LiveTrader

LiveTrader doesn’t have the established reputation of some other crypto trading bots. What it lacks in experience is balanced by a knowledgeable staff of developers who have worked to create an intuitive bot that is friendly to both the beginner and the experienced trader. LiveTrader states on its website that it is looking to help traders who often find themselves on the losing sides of trades.

This crypto trading bot uses powerful algorithms that have been designed to analyze real-time and historical market data. The algorithms are used to create trading signals that can be depended upon to produce a larger number of winning trades. Those who are inexperienced with trading bots or those who want to give the bot a test drive can do so for free. No credit card details are required to take advantage of the LiveTrader free trial.

The bot is unique in that it includes both automated trading strategies while also providing a strategy builder for those who want to create their own customized trading scheme. LiveTrader gives investors the best of both worlds when it comes to automated trading of the cryptocurrency markets. There is also a large library of trading strategies that investors can use, and these can be back-tested to determine their value to the trader.

LiveTrader has an attractive website that lists all the features of the trading bot, and the company also maintains a strong presence on social media. These factors speak well of the overall reputation of the company. Customer service also seems to be a strong suit where this company is concerned. Most users report that they receive responses to their customer service issues within a few hours. The community of bot users is also large and easily accessed.

The LiveTrader website also includes a blog that contains useful trading advice and information on how to use bots successfully. This blog is updated regularly with new information, and we found it to be helpful in resolving issues that one may have when working with the bot.

Overall it would be fair to say that LiveTrader maintains a professional appearance that should encourage confidence among those who decide to purchase the bot. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the features that are associated with LiveTrader and how these features improve the accuracy of trading the cryptocurrency markets.

LiveTrader Features

The LiveTrader service is designed to allow traders 24/7 access in the Cloud. There is no need to download software to one’s computer, and LiveTrader also states that users will not have to upgrade, patch, or install anything in order to use the bot. This is a big plus. Some trading bots require a download and frequent updates that can become annoying and difficult. LiveTrader also stresses transparency in its platform, and that includes information about pricing as well as information on how to use the bot.

There are no hidden fees associated with LiveTrader. The company does not take a commission or any other fees for using its bot beyond the subscription prices. Because the bot interacts directly with the exchange of your choice, it is also safe to use. At no time are your funds compromised through the bot’s interaction with the crypto exchange. LiveTrader also stresses that it never asks for permission to withdraw funds from a user’s account.

An in-depth dashboard is provided that can be customized by the trader. This allows each trader to be very aware of the trades that are being made on their behalf by the bot. It is possible to use the dashboard to analyze trades for greater profitability. Traders can see at a glance which trading bot strategies are working the best and continually refine their trading approach to make a better profit.

LiveTrader supports API integration with multiple crypto exchanges including:

At the present time a total of 8 cryptocurrency exchanges are listed on the LiveTrader website as being compatible with the trading bot.

A hallmark of this cryptocurrency trading bot is its back-testing ability. Every trader knows that back-testing is one of the surest ways to evaluate the success of a trading strategy. By exploring how the bot has performed on historical market data it becomes easier for traders to define and identify profitable trading signals.

It is also possible to paper trade with the LiveTrader crypto bot. This allows traders to test their strategies in real time without risking any money. In this situation the bots can be used to create trades under live market conditions. During these paper trades the bot is not connected to any exchange, so no real money can be put at risk when paper trading.

Perhaps the best feature of LiveTrader is that the trader can sign up for free to paper trade and back-test without needing to reveal any of their payment data. LiveTrader states on its website that traders don’t pay anything until they are satisfied with the bot’s performance.

LiveTrader Pricing and Plans

There are three different subscription packages available from LiveTrader. It is a subscription platfrom which means you’ll be paying every month to use the bot, but there is an annual payment option which is set up to save the trader a huge % compared to the monthly cost.

The Starter Package is just $9.50 per month (Normally $19) and includes:

  • 20 trading bots
  • 1 trading strategy
  • Access to all technical indicators
  • Access to all exchanges
  • Unlimited positions

The Advanced Package is $24.50 per month (Normally $49)  and includes:

  • 250 trading bots
  • 5 trading strategies
  • Access to all technical indicators
  • Access to all crypto exchanges
  • Unlimited positions

The Pro Package is priced at $49.50 per month (Normally $99) and offers:

  • 1000 trading bots
  • 10 trading strategies
  • Access to all technical indicators
  • Access to all exchanges
  • Unlimited positions

When compared with the cost of other trading bots, LiveTrader offers some value. There seems to be more features offered for the price, especially when one gets into the higher subscription packages.

LiveTrader Pros & Cons

LiveTrader Pros

  • Web-based with no download required
  • Works with desktops, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Vast library of trading strategies
  • Paper trading and back-testing without risk
  • Free trial with no payment details required

LiveTrader Cons

  • Has not been around as long as some other trading bots
  • Interface not as intuitive as some other bots

Our View of LiveTrader

From a value standpoint there might not be a better trading bot on the market today. The highest subscription is priced at a modest $79 per month, and that unlocks all the bells and whistles of the bot. Such a reasonable price point is likely to be attractive to those who have no previous experience with a trading bot.

LiveTrader’s usefulness hinges on just two concepts, but they are important concepts. The bot allows paper trading without risking any money and it also allows back-testing. Traders can try out their trading strategy before putting real money at risk. When you add in a free trial it is possible to do everything within your power to see if the bot will be successful for you.

The interface of the bot could use a little work, to be honest, but even those with little trading experience will be able to refine their skills with only a short learning curve. LiveTrader may be the best choice for those who want to experiment with a bot before laying down large sums of money.

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