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Cryptocurrency trading has become more popular as crypto exchanges broaden their offerings to include funds and options. Today, the crypto trader can also take advantage of cryptocurrency trading bots that are designed to trade autonomously on a person’s behalf. Haasbot is one of the most highly-regarded trading bots available to traders today. We’ve prepared a review of Haasonline and Haasbot to help you determine if this crypto trading bot is the right solution for you.

About Haasbot

Haasonline makes no bones about its confidence in its Haasbot cryptocurrency trading bot. The company claims to have the No. 1 Bitcoin trading bot platform. That is saying a lot when you consider that there are multiple bots on the market, all of which make similar claims. What we want to know is if the claims made by Haasonline live up to the hype. To determine this we look at several factors:

  • Trust – does the bot developer possess a reputation of trust and integrity?
  • Reliability – does the bot deliver consistent results?
  • Profitability – does the bot have the ability to produce a consistent positive ROI

Trading bots are software programs that are connected to an individual’s cryptocurrency exchange account. There are many such bots available. Haasbot works on the same principle as all the others. It uses a computer algorithm that draws from historical market indicators to make trades. The hope for all traders is that the bot will achieve greater success because it removes human error and emotion from the trading process.

Haasbot doesn’t guarantee that traders will make a profit from its software. No trading bot can do that. Haasbot uses software that offers a number of customized bots and advanced features. As a result this trading bot is probably more suited to the trader with some type of experience in the crypto markets. There are, however, some services that will be useful to new traders or those that have not used a bot in the past.

Stephan de Haas founded HaasOnline software in January 2014. The company has embraced transparency about its management team and operations, something other bot developers are hesitant to do. The main product of HaasOnline is the Haasbot. The service strives to be a comprehensive solution for those who trade the markets with regularity. 

Haasbot is compatible with 20 cryptocurrency exchanges and over 70 tokens. There is customer support offered to bot users through several channels and also a vibrant online community that is willing to share information and help answer questions.

Haasbot Features

Let’s explore some of the features of Haasbot and what makes it a good choice for active investors of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Most will find that the feature set of this token is very robust.

Unlike some other trading bots, Haasbot is a piece of software that must be downloaded to a trader’s PC or laptop. This is perhaps not as attractive as bots that are web-based. Both Windows and Linux are supported, and users can configure the bot to make cryptocurrency trades 24/7.

More than 50 technical indicators are included in the tool set of Haasbot. Technical indicators are things like Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands. These tools are what combine to help the bot produce trading signals. There is also the ability to do historical and real-time backtesting of trades to help improve accuracy. The interface is very intuitive and guides traders through the process of configuring their bot to make trades.

The exchanges that Haasbot is compatible with include:

All in all there are 20 cryptocurrency exchanges supported, and more are expected to be added in future releases of the software.

Trading is carried out when the user configures Haasbot to connect with a cryptocurrency trading account. There are 15 pre-built bots that the trader can choose from. A unique feature is that the software also supports script bots which are programmable and written in C#. This lets those users who have experience with developing trading bots create their own customized trading applications.

There is a support section on the Haasbot website which allows individuals to submit tickets when they need assistance. Most tickets are given a reply within a few hours. HaasOnline also maintains a strong social media presence where individuals can reach out to the company for help when needed. 

Haasbot Pricing and Plans

Hassbot adheres to the current subscription model that is popular among bot developers. It offers license terms of 3, 6, or 12 months and there is no free trial offered. The subscriptions must also be paid for with Bitcoin, something which is advantageous for the developer given the volatility of the crypto markets.

The prices of a HaasBot subscription range from 0.018 BTC to 0.135 BTC depending on subscription chosen. The higher the price, the more advanced the version of the bot becomes. Each 3, 6, or 12 month subscription is available in Beginner, Simple and  Advanced Versions.

Beginner Haasbot – 0.018 BTC to 0.047 BTC

  • Run 10 bots at once
  • 11 Insurances and safeties to guard against loss
  • 20 indicators
  • All core features and exchanges

Simple Haasbot – 0.032 BTC to 0.083 BTC

  • Run 20 bots at once
  • Access to 13 Insurances
  • 15 safeties
  • 40 indicators
  • All exchanges and core features

Advanced Haasbot – 0.052 BTC to 0.135 BTC

  • Unlimited Bots
  • Unlimited Insurances and Safeties to guard against loss
  • Unlimited indicators
  • Priority support

Haasbot Pros & Cons

Haasbot Pros

  • Large number of technical indicators
  • Insurances and safeties to limit losses
  • Large number of supported exchanges

Haasbot Cons

  • No free trial
  • Must download software
  • Some features only useful for advanced traders

Our View of Haasbot

It is hard to dispute that Haasbot is one of the more useful and successful trading bots on the market. Unfortunately, it is those same pluses that make this a bot that is not very friendly to beginners. It would take some time and patience for the inexperienced trader to master.

With that being said, Haasbot knows its market and has done everything possible to appeal to those traders. It has includes more than 50 technical indicators, a library of strategy templates, and even the ability to develop one’s own trading bot. These are the kinds of features that those who trade with bots often crave. 

Haasbot seems to have a very high rate of success on making trades. It also allows traders to use as many bots as they wish concurrently, making trades at all hours of the day or night. We would recommend this software to anyone that is actively involved in cryptocurrency trading on a daily basis. 

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