Blackjack With Bitcoin – A Better Way To Bet

Have you noticed that many online casinos today are accepting Bitcoin from players as a form of deposit? This has opened up many exciting opportunities for the online blackjack player. It is worth examining some of the advantages that may make playing blackjack with Bitcoin online a better way to bet.

Bitcoin Blackjack for US Players

One of the first things that Counting Edge has noticed is that Bitcoin casinos are more willing to embrace players from the US. Online gambling has long been difficult for those in America due to the laws of the land. It has forced some players to end up betting with online casinos that don’t have the greatest reputation for making timely payouts, and there is often a risk that one could be caught gambling online since personal documents, a credit card, and other information is required.

It is possible for a player in the US to sign up at an online casino and deposit Bitcoin instead of cash from a credit card or bank account. It might even be possible to create an account without revealing personal information, although some casinos still want to verify identity. Nevertheless, blackjack with Bitcoin cuts through a lot of red tape that US players are always trying to avoid.

We’ve recommended and reviewed some online casinos that accept Bitcoin and welcome US players. Our advice is to check them out, make a small Bitcoin deposit, and see for yourself how smooth the process is. All of them offer the same online blackjack games that you will find at a regular online casino.

Bitcoin Blackjack is More Secure

Regardless of where you live in the world, online betting with Bitcoin is a more secure option than betting with money. The reason is that you don’t have to give anyone access to your banking information. Bitcoin is kept in a secure wallet that is much harder for data thieves to penetrate. And if by some chance someone did manage to hack your wallet, your bank account and credit cards would be safe because there is no link between the two.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is not tied to any banking institution or pegged to any fiat currency. You essentially become your own banker when you use cryptocurrency. This also means that there is no paper trail left behind on credit card receipts or bank statements. Some individuals will find this to be important because they don’t want other people to know about their online gambling activities.

Bitcoin Blackjack is More Comfortable

We should make it clear that Bitcoin only exists as a digital currency. It has no physical existence like paper money. But that doesn’t mean it lacks value. Bitcoin and other digital tokens are regularly traded on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. They can also be sold for cash or used to make purchases of many goods and services.

Still, there is something about Bitcoin’s virtual existence that makes some player’s more comfortable when it comes to online blackjack and other forms of gambling. Maybe it is because they have never used the token to purchase something of value. Maybe it is because they cannot hold the currency in their hand. The likely reason is that it is just psychologically easier to risk virtual money than it is to risk real currency.

Ask yourself this. Would you feel comfortable betting $8,000 on blackjack during a live session at a real casino? Many players would not. Would you feel comfortable betting 1 Bitcoin during an online blackjack session? You probably answered yes. Well, the two are essentially the same depending on the value of Bitcoin when you are reading this.

There is an old saying in gambling: scared money never wins. If you sit down to play blackjack in a live casino and are worried about the money you might win or lose, this affects your play. You are hesitant to raise your bets when the blackjack deck is favorable to you. You are reluctant to double down on marginal blackjack hands and take a small risk. But try playing blackjack with play money on an app for your computer or tablet. You will not face the same hesitations because your mind is telling you the money isn’t real anyway.

Bitcoin is certainly real, but it just hasn’t created the same perception in the human mind that cash has. Mentally there is a notion that it isn’t real and is just pretend. That could have a positive effect on some blackjack players, and it could have a negative effect on some others. You are responsible for how knowing how it affects you.    

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