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Walls May Be Closing In On Bitnation And Founder Susanne Tarkowski Templehof

Our readers may remember that Cryptoswede broke a story a few months back on Bitnation and its founder Susanne Tarkowski Templehof. We addressed numerous concerns around the platform and its XPAT cryptocurrency. Now, new information provided to Cryptoswede indicates that lead participants in the project have exited amid concerns surrounding Tarkowski and funds raised during the token’s ICO.

Prior Bitnation Problems and Recent Issues

As we reported, Susanne Tarkowski had a checkered past when she worked in Afghanistan in a diplomatic context. We also uncovered that individuals with strong ties to white hate groups were serving in the role of Bitnation ambassadors. What we did not know at the time was that Bitnation and Tarkowski have a long history of trouble that dates back to 2014.

According to, the core development team for a planned Bitnation ICO resigned just prior to the planned crowdsale. Letters of resignation from the Bitnation development team were posted by Bitcoin Magazine. It was alleged by a member of the development team that Tarkowski was not refusing to accept investments from US residents, even though the team had the technology to block US residents from participating by IP address.

Nathan Wosnack, the Bitnation CCO, stated in his resignation that the founders were breaking securities laws with the crowdsale. Regardless, Tarkowski and company managed to survive the scandal relatively unscathed. They were so unaffected that Tarkowski was back in 2018 trying once again to launch the XPAT token with a new team of developers.

Johan Nygren and Bitnation

One person who was actively participating in the Bitnation development process was Johan Nygren, a self-described incentive protocol developer. Cryptoswede does not know the extent to which Nygren was involved in Bitnation’s development, but he was an active participant on the group’s Telegram channel for Tarkowski’s inner circle as recently as mid-2017.

In a recent Twitter post made on December 28, 2018, Nygren appears to have distanced himself from Tarkowski and Bitnation, citing a cult-like aura around Tarkowski. Nygren also turned to Steemit where he posted a scathing article about the Bitnation platform.



Nygren asserts in his article that the founders reward he was given as a member of Bitnation is worthless since it was delivered in XPAT. Nygren does not believe the digital coin has any kind of purpose and no inherent value.

Improper Handling of Investor Funds During Bitnation ICO

Cryptoswede has also been provided with documentation that may suggest Tarkowski extracted funds from the ICO address into her own account. It has also been stated that this incident caused the former CFO of Bitnation to resign from their post.

We are continuing to follow this story as it develops. Please check with Cryptoswede for the latest updates.


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